Appeal to the nations-guarantors of the Budapest Memorandum and permanent members of the United Nations Security Council

The high command of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation issued an ultimatum to the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine located in the Crimea. The ultimatum demands that the Ukrainian units surrender by 5 a.m. local time (3 a.m. GMT) on March 4, 2014.

In case of non-compliance, the high command threatens to attack those units and use any types of weapons. The armed forces of the Russian Federation are also concentrating on the eastern borders of Ukraine, which indicates a preparation for an attack against Ukraine from the east.

Simultaneously, there is a plan for landing Russian special operations troops in the capital of Ukraine to seize government buildings and critical administrative centers. This is the beginning of a full-scale war against the people of Ukraine, which will inevitably lead to numerous casualties, devastation, and a humanitarian catastrophe in the region, and will encourage the leadership of the Russian Federation to initiate further aggressive actions against other states.

Any delay by the West to take decisive actions against Putin’s Russia as an aggressor state will become the new Munich Agreement of 1938 and will make the civilized world a victim of the authoritarian Kremlin ruler’s capricious demands.

The actions of the Russian Federation place the world on the brink of World War III.

Based on the foregoing, we call for an immediate intervention by your countries as guarantors of the Budapest Memorandum and permanent members of the United Nations Security Council to stop the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

March 3, 2014, 8 p.m. Kyiv Time

Volodymyr Vasylenko,

Head of the Public Commission for the Investigation and Prevention of Human Rights Violations in Ukraine